Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 25, 2010

The sun rises up, then it sets down.

Rises up again, then sets down again.
And yet it revolves not around our earth.

Many are staring intently, yet are not seeing.
They look at the vastness of what they see,
But failed to perceive and discern completely.

For they look but don't know what to see,
They hear but don't know what to listen.
Yet what's to see and listen isn't a mystery.

To see, the eyes have to stare through.
To listen, ears need to hear through.
To know, the mind has to think through.

Even the blind sees with his ears.
And the deaf hears with her eyes.
And mute speak with their hands.

So, close your eyes that you may see through.
And close your ears that you may hear through.
Open your mind and you'll be thinking through.

Now look again..., what do you see?
And again listen..., what do you hear?

Think through. Do you see and hear now?
Now speak! What do you say?