Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wisdom Dawns In A Dark Night


Sun rules the day, but moon reigns at night.

Yet the moon is dark, of its own has no light.
Day is made for work, night is made for rest.
But instead of sleep, some nights bring test.

For the trying night's pain, grieve if we must.
But only just enough; know that it won't last.
Though long and dark the trying night may be,
Yet in a world's turn, tomorrow is a new day.

While darkness lasts, slumber not nor sleep.
For wisdom shall the dawn offer us to keep.
Clouds may again cover moon's borrowed light,
But strength there'll now be for any dark night.

There are days and there are nights.
Always will there be days and nights.
Ever since, such has the world been.
Always turning, keeping things going.