Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10, 2011

Aren't Nebaioth, Kedar, Adbeel, and Mibsam the names of the firstborn among the sons of Ishmael? Has not God enlarged your tribes and has He not blessed you so much with the precious wealth of the desert? Yet why is it that while your rulers and leaders are abundantly enjoying the fruits of the blessings, your own people are crying out to God for change? Have your kings been at ease from their duties to God and to their responsibilities to the people? Have they grown to settle on the lees of material prosperity, and have not been emptied from vessel to vessel? Is it because they have neither gone into captivity that their taste remains only in themselves, and their scent is not changed? Isn't it that to whom much authority is given, much is also required of them? Isn't it also that the people have learned to wallow in the dregs of their kings?

Now therefore behold, the days have come and God has send forth things and events that shall pour off the vessels of kings to empty them and to pour the people out of the dregs.

To the council of the tribes of Ishmael: God is also shaking your vessels, therefore rise up from your lees as well for God is calling you. Ishmael had four firstborn sons, therefore choose among you four good men of character and anoint them as your messengers. Send the four to your brother who rules in the land where his own people have turned against him. God is setting the sun down on his rulership and he mostly needs your help. Be kind and gentle to him for he is in a very difficult situation. Be true brothers to him and you will persuade him. When he shall peacefully settle his heart, his land and his people will need a new leader, thus you shall help his land peacefully choose for their new leader. God be with you.