Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Message - 05/04/2016 11:11 AM

Blown by the four competing corner winds, clouds are fast converging to form a central dark cloud; and soon darkness shall befall the land. A gentle sign has quietly shown, but so few paid attention to heed the warning. The larger multitude remain holding on to their stirring sticks and blasting horns.

But a season is coming that is not so far ahead. And they that continue to stir up the water, they are those that the whirlpool shall swallow. They that continue to blast their horns to summon the wind, they are those that the whirlwind shall suck up. What was sown shall the whirlwind uproot. What was set afloat shall the whirlpool sink.

Lightning after lightning shall strike the land. The grandeur of tall trees will be no more and the majesty of high places will be brought down.

By day, drinks of color red shall pour out by the roadsides. By night, a flaming sword will rule as light. There will be great sorrow amidst jubilation. There will be trembling courage amidst enforced fear.

As in six days the Lord renewed the face of the earth, so shall He renew the face of the land. On the seventh day shall be a day of rest. Order there shall be in the land, and peace shall He bring.